Helping Seniors
Enjoy the Comforts of Home

Providing Dependable and Affordable In-Home Care In Santa Monica

home care in Santa Monica

Helping Seniors
Enjoy the Comforts of Home

Providing Dependable and Affordable In-Home Care In Santa Monica

Our Santa Monica office serves Culver City, Beverly Hills, El Segundo, Inglewood, West Hollywood and the surrounding area.

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In-Home Senior Care in Santa Monica, CA

TCC Home Care is acutely attuned to your concerns and places paramount importance on the happiness, health, and safety of your elderly family members. We offer an exceptional array of in-home senior care solutions in Santa Monica, CA, thoughtfully tailored to address their unique requirements. Our extensive suite of flexible services encompasses specialized dementia care, companionship, respite care, and more. With an unwavering emphasis on reliability and trustworthiness, we provide you with the peace of mind you rightfully deserve, affording you a well-deserved respite.

We firmly believe in the value of personalized care and collaborate closely with you to formulate a bespoke care plan that aligns with your specific needs and financial considerations. Whether you seek hourly assistance or round-the-clock care, our devoted team is dedicated to supporting you every step of the way. Opt for TCC Home Care to experience the utmost in quality in-home senior care services in Santa Monica, CA, and allow us to surpass your expectations while safeguarding the well-being of your aging family member. Reach out to us today to explore how we can be of assistance to you and your loved ones.

Quality Home Care in Santa Monica, CA

When seeking dependable and specialized home care assistance, look to TCC Home Care as your trusted partner. We recognize the imperative need for additional support in daily activities, particularly for elderly individuals contending with health challenges. Our team of seasoned caregivers is unwavering in their commitment to delivering the highest level of care and attention that your loved one rightly deserves. With a professional staff equipped with the required knowledge and expertise, we prioritize their well-being and comfort above all else. Rest assured, our caregivers in Santa Monica are deeply dedicated to furnishing the assistance and support your family member requires. Choose TCC Home Care when you prioritize dependable and specialized home care services.

Respite Care Services in Santa Monica

TCC Home Care, situated in Santa Monica, CA, deeply appreciates the paramount importance of ensuring the well-being of your aging family member. We offer dependable and cost-effective hourly in-home caregivers who specialize in delivering exceptional respite care. We acknowledge the significance of providing both exemplary care and affording family caregivers the opportunity for well-deserved respite. Our compassionate caregivers are resolutely dedicated to furnishing top-tier assistance, allowing seniors to gracefully embrace the aging process while enjoying the comfort and autonomy of their own homes.

To ensure that our services precisely match your senior’s unique needs, we commence with a complimentary in-home assessment. This assessment allows us to tailor our care to align with their specific requirements, granting you the confidence that your loved one is in capable hands receiving the best possible care. Take the initial step today by reaching out to TCC Home Care to gain a deeper understanding of our comprehensive home care services.


Our highly qualified and trained caregivers are ready to help you and your loved ones with a variety of daily activities such as:

Dignified In-Home Personal Care for Seniors – Most of us wake up and start out our days using the bathroom, bathing, dressing, and grabbing a bite to eat. For many seniors, this daily routine is not so easy as they struggle to carry out some of these basic personal care activities. When it happens to your aging family member, you want them to remain at home while enjoying the independence and dignity they deserve. Having a conversation with a senior loved one, especially a parent, about personal care can be embarrassing, and feelings oftentimes get hurt. To assist your efforts, TCC Home Care offers reliable and discreet personal caregiving assistance for seniors that are delivered by our certified home health aides.

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Reliable Companionship Care for Seniors – Nearly half of all seniors feel lonely, especially when they’ve experienced the recent loss of a spouse. Left unchecked, those feelings can eventually have a negative impact on your aging loved one’s happiness and health. You’ve been trying to spend more time with your elderly family member, but it’s beginning to wear you down due to your own busy schedule. And that’s when a capable and friendly in-home caregiver from TCC Home Care can step in, give you a break, and provide your loved one with some beneficial human interaction.

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Respite Caregivers Step in when You Need Relief – Serving as a caregiver for an aging family member can be very rewarding, as you keep them living independently within the comfort of their own home. But on the flipside it can sometimes be exhausting, and there are days when you both need to take a break from one another’s company. That’s when a respite caregiver from TCC Home Care can step in and give you both the break you need with our family-trusted relief services. We provide families in the greater Pasadena and the Greater Los Angeles county, CA areas with respite care that’s reliable, friendly and affordable.

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Family Trusted, 24-Hour In-Home Senior Care – There may be times when a senior family member requires continuous in-home care due to a prolonged illness, stroke or other medical condition like advanced stage dementia. To ensure their comfort and safety, those situations call for a reliable in-home caregiver to be at their side 24 hours a day. If you have a senior who needs some around-the-clock care, the experienced professionals at TCC Home Care stand ready to answer your call.

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Compassionate In-Home Care for Seniors with Dementia – Dementia affects millions of seniors in the United States, and when it impacts someone in your family it can be challenging and exhausting. The term “dementia” actually describes a condition where symptoms like impaired judgment and memory loss become serious enough to disrupt a senior’s daily activities. If your loved one is still living at home, at times their dementia can put them at risk.

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  • Supervision and Guidance – provided for our clients during skills and community activities

  • Individualized Treatment Plans – helping ensure the safety and well-being of our clients

  • Assistance with Daily Living Activities – including preparation of meals and personal hygiene

  • Safety & Support – we develop a rapport with our clients and cultivate a safe supportive relationship

Our personalized in-home care senior care services are available seven days a week and can range from a  few hours daily to 24-hour care.






Providing Specialized Senior Care in Santa Monica

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